DIY 8 Steps for Shrinking Your Own Drawings

Step 1:  Draw a picture on shrinkable plastic, like shrinky dink paper.


Step 2: Put the drawing on a piece of tin foil larger than the drawing itself. Do not let the drawing hang off the edge or it will stick to the rack in the toaster. I fold one large piece in half to make a sort of cushion. 


Step 3: Get a piece of glass (from a picture frame) and set it next to the toaster. 

Step 4: Turn on the toaster oven - I use the "toast" setting and set the timer for several minutes, even through I will turn it off before it reaches the end.

Step 5 (Adults Only):  I put my hand on the glass to feel when the toaster is warm. (Not for kids! - The surface of the toaster oven will get HOT. Duh.)  Why? I get better results when I put the drawing into the toaster once it warms up, but not when it's blazing hot. 

Step 6: When the toaster feels warm, put the foil and drawing in the middle of the center rack and watch it shrink. It is finished when it flattens out. This will take less than 30 seconds. If the edges stick together while it's shrinking, an adult should take it out, pull the stuck pieces apart, and put it back in until it shrinks flat. Sometimes this doesn't work. (Can't see the embedded video below? Try here.)

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Step 7: When the piece is flat, take it out on the aluminum foil (all together - touching the foil but not the drawing) and put the piece of glass on top of the drawing to keep it flat. Turn off the toaster.

Step 8: You can paint a coat of clear nail polish or water based varnish on top to keep the drawing from smearing. You can glue a pin back to either side to wear your drawing. You can frame it and give it to a friend. Ta-da.

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Dinks for sale at Orange in Carytown

A few drawings on shrink plastic are now available at Orange in Carytown. They're framed and gift ready - $35 for small dinks, $50 for the big Etam Cru drawing (that I love). If you go buy them, I can buy more frames and keep shrinking.

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Shrink at Home Parties

Photo Credit: Holly Gordon, Hands on Greater Richmond

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Live Shrinking at Paint. Sketch. Print.

Paint. Sketch. Print.

Friday, September 19th. 6-9pm

Crossroads Art Center: 2016 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23230

Free to attend!

Many talented Virginia artists have donated art work in a variety of mediums. Proceeds will help increase access and appreciation for the arts, and support the work of an organization that strives to transform lives through therapeutic arts engagement.

Featured at the event will be a raffle for select artwork, live demonstrations by artists and a collaborative piece created by older adults, part of Art on Wheels’ Aging in the Arts program.

Join me there to watch LIVE SHRINKING of guests and supporters.

Preview available, here: