JUNE Dink Commissions

Right now: Dinks are $35 with free shipping or delivery - JUNE availability only.

First Come, First Shrink.

Following completed payment, you must email me the image you'd like shrunk. I will draw it, shrink it, post the video on Instagram and give you the dink. Framing not included. I suggest you take the dink to Rick's Custom Frame (5702 Patterson Avenue). Thanks in advance! Contact me if you have any questions: iknowtiffany@gmail.com

Carytown Bathroom Show Announcement



2007 W. Cary Street (Directly next to World of Mirth) featuring The Best Little Bathroom Show on Cary Street,Thursday, May 8 from 5:30-7:30pm: 

Ollie Buttons by Karen Guard
Meet Ollie Buttons by Karen Guard
Ollie Photo Credit: R•Home Magazine

Meet the real Ollie, made famous with his likeness on a pillow, will make an appearance at Orange in Carytown for their anniversary party.

Shinky Dudes and Lady Shrinks

The Shrinky Dink Portrait List :

  1. Paul Spicer
  2. Kelly Vance
  3. Ryan Smartt
  4. Elizabeth Smartt
  5. Jennifer Lemons
  6. Slash Coleman
  7. Farmer Russell
  8. Tori's Cat Jeff
  9. Alex Nyerges
  10. Valley Haggard
  11. Jennifer Pullinger
  12. Tyler Snidow
  13. Nathan Hughes
  14. Lucy Meade
  15. Maureen Egan
  16. Hash House Harriers
  17. TBA
  18. Thea Brown
  19. Ward Tefft 
  20. Johnny Hugel
  21. Scott Pharr
  22. Kate Hall
  23. Sarah Choi and 2GutsyGirls
  24. Happy the Artist
  25. Trey Hartt
  26. Sarah Roquemore  

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 Questions? Contact: Tiffany Glass Ferreira, 804-852-9151 or iknowtiffany@gmail.com


Richmond, Virginia – HandsOn Greater Richmond, The Spark Mill, and artist Tiffany Glass Ferreria present Power of Good, an art show celebrating outstanding local volunteers. This collaborative event is offered to the Richmond region and is a week-long celebration of the power of volunteerism culminating in an art show on April 11, 2014.

Sarah Milston, founder of The Spark Mill, explains the genesis of the Power of Good. “In February, I was honored to be part of local artist Tiffany Ferreira's Shrinky Dink Selfie Campaign. Using social media self-portraits, she created tiny portraits of local Richmonders for display in an art show. Tiffany mentioned that she wanted to host a show in April but did not have a venue. April 5-12 is National Volunteer Week and I had been looking for a fun way to celebrate. By partnering with HandsOn, we found a unique way to honor local volunteers.”

Nominations were solicited from the public from March 4-March 18, and the response to the nomination request was so overwhelming that in addition to Ferreria, many other local artists have agreed to participate in the show including Kim Lee Schmidt who is photographing 20 volunteers. These artists will transform Power of Good recipients into portraits or create art inspired by the theme. All portraits will be gifted to the individual at the conclusion of the event. 

Power of Good is a unique way to shine a spotlight onto the hard work and dedication that volunteers put into our region and its nonprofit organizations in the Richmond area,” said Holly Gordon, Program and Operations Manager for HandsOn Greater Richmond.
Power of Good will take place on Friday, April 11 from 4-7 pm at the Marvin Lang Building located at 1623 West Broad Street in Richmond. This event is open to the public.

For more information about the Power of Good event, please contact Sarah Milston at 804.852.6409 sarah@thesparkmill.com

The Spark Mill is a consulting practice located in Richmond, VA. Their work occupies the spaces between creativity, strategy and action and their services are for people and organizations that desire change. www.thesparkmill.com
HandsOn Greater Richmond provides a link for individuals, families, teams, and corporate groups to join together and engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities within the Greater Richmond region. They offer unique, fun, and flexible ways for the Richmond community to get connected and involved. www.handsonrva.org

Tiffany Glass Ferreria is an artist, arts educator and arts coordinator and is the illustrator of The Food Allergy Experience. tiffanyglassferreira.blogspot.com

I shrunk the Virginia Capital - Then epic retweets happened.

I shrunk the Virginia Capital with a Starry Night style sky - On Van Gogh's Birthday:

And posted it on Twitter. Then this happened: 

Me to everyone: "THIS IS AMAZING."

Everyone I tell: "What's a Retweet?"